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Getting back and Help finding a studio!


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Hi. I'm Sarah and I'm 18 years old. I'm not asking the question of "can I ever dance again?" but more of "I really want to dance but I don't want to be in adult classes."


I used to dance when I was 3-11 and I quit because of school. Last year, I danced for a good almost year at two dance studios. I took a class on fridays at Dance Arts Academy in the Teen class but I think the class is gone now. I really liked this class because thought I was with fourteen year olds, I really liked how they taught you not as a beginner beginner and also taught pointe. Also because I look fourteen too :sweating: I took another Ballet 3 on wednesdays at Align Ballet Method but I felt that this was more of a stretch class and did basic floor work. I unfortuately had to quit again because of financial issues and also because I entered college.


I really want to learn pointe and I really want to dance ballet again and I just enrolled and go accepted to be a Dance minor at my college but their dance/ ballet levels are very low. I also don't want to be in an adult class because I feel that most adult classes I have looked into starts at a beginner level which I would like to start at a Intermediate level so I could challenge myself more and since I am a bit familiar with the basic skills. I am looking for a dance studios in the Los Angeles, Koreatown, or Northridge area that will have a good Dance program where I could dance my heart out again even if I'm not as incredible as all the other ballerinas out there. I'm at an intermdiate level but and would love to find a great place where I can enroll into! If you guys could give me any reccomandations, please and thank you!


Though I shouldn't be, I feel very intimidated by a lot of ballet schools because in the pictures, all the girls are so amazing and flexible and I feel as if I would get looked down on. This causes me to look at other schools because I don't feel good enough for I feel like I look like an idiot in their eyes But I am willing to work hard to be a better, flexible ballerina! Ha Ha Thanks!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, SeriouslySarah. :)


It is great that you want to get back into ballet, and I think you are in a good area to do that. There are many fine schools in the LA area, so it really should not be too hard to find good classes in addition to those at your University, I do think, however, that you might need to have a bit less concern about whether they are adult classes or not, and look for classes where the teachers are really good and the students are working at a good level for you at this time. Do keep in mind that there are lots of adult dancers who are well beyond the beginning levels! Teachers and former dancers take adult Int. and even Adv. classes all the time!


Also, remember that you were only 11 years old when you stopped, and that last year you basically had one class a week of ballet. Therefore, you might be expecting a bit more of yourself than is realistic. Ballet is not quite like riding a bicycle in terms of once one has done that, then they can always do that! :o There have been a lot of changes in your body since 11 years old, and a lot of critical technique never learned, as you can see when you watch the 15-18 year old students in a good studio. However, you do want a VERY good studio, therefore, it would be smart to study where you find the kind of training that produces dancers, as that is where you will learn and progress, no matter what class level you take. :)

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