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I have been struggling a lot with body image for a while now. I am by no means "fat" but I don't really have the physique of a ballet dancer especially compared to other girls in my class. I feel like my teacher looks over me because she prefers how other girls in my classes look. I feel like I should try to lose weight, but I dance over seven hours a week and it seems that I would have started to lose weight already. I am very discouraged because going to ballet used to make me happy, but now it just crushes my self esteem. Any advice?

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Andrea ballerina, this is a difficult subject, as we really feel that weight is a medical issue, and not one that we normally deal with here. My suggestion would be to talk to to your teacher, perhaps along with one of your parents, and ask for an assessment of your potential in terms of ballet facility aside from a possible weight issue. Then, ask for help in finding a nutritionist who understands dancers and can help you in terms of making changes that are possible to be made., if needed.

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