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Just be extremely careful about the program. Some may say they integrate dance, academics and social life but really do not. Talk to as many parents as possible. Often there is terrific pressure from dance department, academics who do not communicate and work with dance and understand these kids are dancing nearly 30 hours a week including rehearsals til all hours. Meanwhile the added stress of being away from home and unsupervised and unstructured life. Even for kids who had great grades etc at home it is a new level and variety of issues.

All the best....

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Every kid is different, as is every school. Some can handle the separation with relative ease and some cannot. Obviously you can help with frequent communication and monitoring and by occasional visits.

I would think that by 16 your DS should ideally be in a top level program such as Toronto, Seattle or perhaps Winnipeg [the nearest schools to Vancouver I believe] if he wants the best training.

Our DS left California at 17 to go to London for a final year of school and has now been in Europe for the last 4 years.

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Hi: I am wondering when you are coming to Canada. If it is before the summer, have you considered sending your DS to a summer intensive attached to a residential school, as a test drive? You could apply by video now. There are a number of residential schools in the U.S. and Canada to consider.

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