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Does anybody have advice on what products to use for a practice space for the home? How much space would be necessary for practicing turns, etc...and what type of flooring should be used? Could you just roll out a dance floor surface on top of hardwood floors?

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Last year my DD asked for a ballet barre for Christmas... Her room has a 7 foot wall in which we installed mirrors and the ballet barre. We have hear wood floors so we just put down marley over the hardwood. She doesn't not use it for jumping, turns etc... there is not really enough space for "center" work. It is perfect for barre work however. But, in all honesty, she spends so much time at the studio, the barre is where she hangs dead pointe shoes.. not where she practices.
But what teenage girl doesn't want a wall of mirrors in her room?

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Thanks. I'm looking for about 4' wide and approx. 5' long just for barre work on pointe and flats. Is that enough space? We have linoleum in the space.I would like to put Marley flooring over it. No jumping no center work. My daughter also spends most her time at the studio. But she has some exercises her private teacher would like her to work on for strength and balance.

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