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Ballet in The Dark Knight

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Ahahahahaha, I just finished watching the Dark Knight (Batman movie with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger). In one scene, Bruce Wayne came into a restaurant with a woman named Natascha Patrenko, prima ballerina from Moscow Ballet company.


Later in a story, as a cover up to Batman's trip to HK, Wayne brought all the Moscow Ballet company sailing on a yacht, and made them canceled their show in Gotham. The film also showed the member of Moscow Ballet and Natascha lounging in the yacht's pool, in time they suppose to dance in a tour performance.


My thought upon watching that:

1. Did Batman threaten them with gunpoint to get them to willingly cancel their show?

2. They lounge instead of stretch???


Oh well......

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I'm glad to not be alone! DH could not figure out why I was so annoyed with that part of the movie.


I know one of my former artistic directors would have had to be threatened, bound, gagged, locked up in a trunk of some sort, and dropped in the middle of nowhere before any consideration of cancelling a show would happen. Great man :thumbsup:

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