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help me find a school

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Okay, I have been dancing for awhile now, and I'm better at ballet than I am anything else. I am starting to get a bit tired of competition, and have in the last couple days decided with my parents that I could start to search for a pre-professional residency program. But, the thing is that I don`t want to have to go so far from my family, I am however willing to be 2 hours away. I live in central Kentucky and have had some issues finding a place close to me, I will be entering the 8th grade next year and would like to start off then. Does anyone have any suggestions for schools I could look into?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, cassiedancer.


It sounds to me like you might need to wait until you are a bit older, and ready to go further away from home. There are not very many residency programs in the country, and I don't know of any that are close to central Kentucky. North Carolina School of the Arts or Virginia School of the Arts would probably be the closest, and I'm pretty sure they are both well over 2 hours driving time. Are you anywhere close to a major city, like Louisville? You may need to drive a good distance for training in ballet that will get you on a pre-pro track.

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Oops! Thanks, dancemaven. I forgot that. :(

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