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Houston Ballet Schools-Suggested age group for levels?


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Me and my 10 year old daughter are considering moving to Houston.She has been constantly asking me about the Houston Ballet School and how she wants to audition for the schools year round program.We already go to a pre-pro school in New York and she has been working extremely hard for the past year.Anyways,what do you think would be the suggested age group for the levels (1-8)?

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I've seen a range of ages, and it's common to spend more than one year in a level. But, there are a few benchmarks that give you a general idea:


You have to be 7 to audition into Level 1.


Girls go on pointe in Level 4 and usually spend a couple years in that level, so Level 4 is around 10-12 years old.


Students must be 12 or older to audition for the regular summer intensive program, and the program begins with Level 5.


At Level 7, the classes are in the daytime rather than after school and are mostly high school age students.


Level 8 is the graduating class, so students should leave that level ready to audition into companies (around the end of high school)

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MissSugarplum, your profile states you are a 'student', yet you state you are a parent of a dancer. Please take a moment and change your profile to reflect your "interest" as 'Parent', so that it will make it easier for us to recognize with whom we are conversing and make it easier for you to post in the appropriate Parent Forum. Thank you.

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