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It's been two weeks...

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... and I am sooo ready to get back into a real class. I've been doing some exercise programs and an old NYC Ballet class from disk at home in the evenings to try and stay in some kind of shape.


I know teachers look forward to a small break before the work starts on YAGP and Spring shows but I wish there was someplace that offered some kind of evening winter maintenance program that I could attend.


I know I'm going to be stiff the first day or two.

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I know how you feel. I came down with acute bronchitis in early December and couldn't take classes at all for two weeks. Since then I've recovered enough to be able to barely make it through the easiest of the of the four classes I was taking every week. The inactivity is driving me crazy, like an addict deprived of his drug.

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So right! It is like an addict being deprived of his drug. (At least this one can be good for you.)

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There is an addictive aspect of going to dance class I admit. There is also an opportunity to enhance your develop as a dancer. Time off during holidays or the summer lets you have time to improve your general physical conditioning by doing physical things. You can improve your skills by dedicating time to working on those technical things you know you need to work on. If you don't want to do either of those for whatever reason, you can spend some time with the other arts.


Don't get me wrong. Classes are the heart of our training. They are necessary. But I also think that we have to be responsible for our own development, and when there are no classes we have the time available to do the things we need. I think we can even look forward to those times.

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I tend you use a couple of the many ballet exercise dvd's out there, to keep "in shape " similar to what is done in class, then also work on my upper body strength as well, during break periods,


Have to say developed myself a daily workout routine now that suits me, I think its a matter to find out what routine suits you rather than stick to either someone else's or a total routine on a dvd


Did do the "home" training with my girlfriend at home up to now, but she is off on Monday for her first full time dance contract ,for the next 3 months, so have to focus myself to keep it up on my own


But like Garycht says nothing like an actual class

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