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Residential Schools?

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San Francisco does not have a residence "program" where there is academics. There is a large house where a small select number of dancers, mostly trainees, live. Dancers do their own grocery shopping, etc so I would not really think of it like a residence. It can hold up to 25 kids. There are a lot of international kids who live there. I do not believe any Jackson House kids go to school.




Sorry to re-state...Dancemaven and I were posting at the same time.

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I can't find what The Rock offers in terms of housing for its students? Does it have a housing component? Or are the students on their own to find living arrangements? Host families don't count as 'housing' provided.


There are a number of programs that are happy to enroll and train non-local students, but don't qualify as 'residential programs' because they lack either the academic component or the housing component.


I do see that The Rock has an academic component in place.

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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School has both an academic and a residential component in place.

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Across the street from Rock is the Marine Club, which is a large condo building. Rock has a portion of the building as a residence. The kids dorm there, then cross the street for academics/ballet class. There is a cafeteria in the Rock building and a boutique for ballet class. Hope that helps. The residence kids are also on a meal plan.

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Does anyone have an opinion or personal experience with the quality of academics as well as instruction at any of the New England/East Coast residential schools, as well as Interlochen? There's quite a tuition difference between Nutmeg, for example, and Walnut Hill and Interlochen. And I can't seem to find residential tuition information on the Rock's site, though it's entirely possible I clicked in all the wrong places.

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Dustbunny,you would do better to post your inquiry regarding academics on the individual residential programs' dedicated threads. :thumbsup:

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