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Not everyone is born with flexible feet or a high arch. I was told you either have it or you don't. So if only a small percentage of dancers are born with this, and this is considered "great feet" in ballet, how do the other dancers achieve it?


I also heard that a dancer can be too flexible in the foot causing injury. I know of a dancer who has had two surgeries (one on each foot) before her 21st birthday because of injury and she has very flexible feet.


My daughter is a beautiful dancer but is not one of the 2% in her school that are considered to have amazing feet. She has other attributes that are desire for classical ballet. She is 13.5 and started pre ballet at 2.5 and has been dancing ever since, working her way through the levels from 1 day a week to 6 days a week and 7 days a week during performance rehearsal times.


Is it still possible to achieve great feet for ballet? I have never heard she has bad feet. She is just not one of the girls that all the dancers candidly talk about when they talk of "amazing" feet. Some of these girls with "amazing" feet for ballet have other barriers to overcome, such as stiff arms, no musicality,weak cores, not very flexible elsewhere (however born with flexible feet).


How much does being born with these amazing feet play into being a desirable candidate for a school or company when considering the whole package? Is this something to ask my daughters teachers? I have never heard anything negative about her feet. Just curious.


I know every dancer is working on something and not every dancer has it all when considering being born with the facility for dance. any advice appreciated.

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Danza, not all ballet dancers have "great" feet, but they have to have feet that have been flexible enough and strong enough for them to achieve the desired line of classical ballet. How good they can become depends a lot on where they start, but then there are also the factors of the quality of the training and the work ethic of the dancer. So, whether or not it is possible for someone to achieve "great" or "amazing" feet if they are not there to start with is highly unlikely, they might be able to achieve very good feet. Sometimes good enough for a career, sometimes not. Too many variables to be able to state one way or another without seeing and working with a student. And even then, I have sometimes been amazed at the degree of improvement made by some of my students who I originally thought did not have enough to start with. :)

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