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Is this a good reason for private? T


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Hi everyone- I've been reading a lot in past posts and still feel like I need some more clarification/information on private classes.


I posted a couple weeks ago seeking advice for my 7yr DS. It was suggested that he try the next level up of ballet classes at our studio. Well yesterday he had his first/trial class with the next level Ballet 2. He felt like the class was extremely challenging for him for a few reasons: 1. He hadn't danced in two weeks due to winter break 2. He has not learned some of the vocabulary used in that class 3. It moved at a faster pace than what he is used to in his Ballet 1 class.


Clearly, he is not quite ready to move up but I do think it was a good experience for him, overall he enjoyed the class and asked when he good do it again. So I'm happy that we gave it a shot and even if it didn't work out he still has his usual classes to attend.


The teacher spoke with me after afterwards and said that she did think the class was a bit challenging for him for the above reasons and because this particular classes has lot of older students in it (9-11yrs). She said the biggest challenge was that he hadn't yet learned all the vocabulary need for that class and that it could affect his technique in his effort to "catch up" or " be ahead". She also said she just doesn't have the time during the class to keep giving just him corrections when everyone already knows it.


All that being said, she said he did great and she was completely amazed and impressed with his musicality, body awareness, attitude, current technique, discipline, and just the fact that he tried everything without complaining and was working really hard during her class. She said that with private lessons she could help him become ready for her classes, he has a lot of potential and privates for a couple months could really help him out.


Sooooo my question is..... Is this a good reason to invest in private lessons? I do want him to have the best ballet teaching he can get. But if 7 seems too young- I do feel like he's developing well in his current class.




Breakdown of levels

Ballet1A (current class, just above pre-ballet)



Ballet 2.....so on

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There is no reason to rush. One class per week is normal for someone his age. Next year he will be ready and can learn the vocabulary with his peers.

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I agree with chel. be wary of teachers who want to rush your young man. My experience is that can lead to burn out and feeling pressured (him and you). Remember the old 'slow boil' journey.

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Thanks!! That is what I was leaning towards, but being new to this world of ballet I wasn't sure if this could be one of "those" opportunities.

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Tayperry88- I too had no knowledge of ballet before our DS led us into it. For several years I felt disempowered and only a financier of the process! 5 years later and I have learned not to be overly in awe of the ballet world. What I mean by that is we know our children, we know what is too much in terms of exertion/stimuli etc. Sure we don't necessarily know the ways and means of the ballet scene but we need to remain expert in the parenting end of things. I let go of that for awhile and learned the hard way to stay in charge. Listen to your gut instinct about your son- some of the adults involved have their own agendas which are not necessarily filled with your son's needs. Some not all (of course). My husband and I told each other a little while ago that our job is to raise a healthy adult, not only a dancer. I agree with your instincts!

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I agree with everyone!

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idk, just depends on the goals. Classes are better than privates. Privates are a lot of pressure to put on them for an hour or more. My son likes privates, but not all kids do, and the relationship between the teacher and the student is also crucial in the privates. We started doing privates because there were no inbetween classes to fill in the gaps for my son, as they are suggesting you do as well....then we ended up just going to a pre pro school where he could learn with children at his own level and progress with them as a group. Occasionally we do a private here and there to focus on his particular needs but it isnt a meat and potatoes thing. We couldnt find the right link between beginning and advancing where we were at, so we just took the plunge. He's loving it though so Im glad we did.

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