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Apprenticeships, Trainee Programs, and Second Companies


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I know that joining a trainee program or second company and then apprenticing a company is the best way to be on track for a ballet career, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing this. Do I have to go to competitions like YAGP and IBC so scouts can see me? Can I get accepted to these programs through SIs? Or is going to a professional school my best bet? I'm at a company school right now but I highly doubt that they would accept me to their trainee program, so should I change schools or just continue going to SIs? Also, if I were to apprentice or trainee at one company, would I have a very good chance of getting into a different company?


I'd appreciate any and all insight on this topic because as you can see, I'm pretty confused :helpsmilie:

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What will help you more than anything is to take some time and read through some of the threads we have here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! You've found the right place to help de-confuse you!!


Perhaps others can help give you a few links to some threads that will help, but I do remember that there are plenty of threads on Cross Talk that discuss whether competitions such as YAGP are beneficial to a career.

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