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Training Schedule (Getting Back)


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Any advice on easing back in after an illness?


Due to illness I was forced to take an eight-month break from ballet and exercise. I am completely healthy now and ready to get back to dancing, but want to make sure I don't overdo it for training purposes. I am 27 and used to dance about 10-15 hours a week at an intermediate level.


I'm thinking of starting with two easier classes a week for two weeks and then adding a class a week until I am up to five. Stretching, core exercise, and light cardio (elliptical) every day. I will try to listen to what my body tells me as well.


Also, I have discovered than my turnout is looser than ever. :huh: I am a little stiff in other places but mostly have just lost strength, especially core strength. (My balance is really poor.) Could I have been over-"clenching"/"muscling" my turnout? On the positive side, I'm hoping I can use this as an opportunity to fix some of my bad habits.


Thank you. :flowers:

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It's an ideal opportunity to start slow and low, isn't it? Start with beginners' classes and keep everything low to work on technique. Muscle memory really helps, and core strength will come back -- probably more quickly than you expect (I'm ever the optimist).


Have fun!

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Start slow. I think beginner classes are a great idea. It'll come back fast I'm sure, but no need to frustrate yourself in a super tough class, better to build up slowly. Also be patient with yourself, after I broke my foot I could've done to take this very advice.

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I think there is only one rule that applies to coming back from injury or just time off--you must believe that whatever it is you do is right for you. You begin with some type of plan and then modify as you go. There is no one way that is best.

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I highly recommend taking the beginner classes. Even though it may be too easy for you, it will allow you the freedom to ease back into ballet gently and work on your core. I'm taking a beginner class now to bridge the gap of my five year break from ballet. I'm hoping that it all comes back to me quickly and I can progress. I also had to take time off for health issues - not fun! Bravo to you for getting back to dance!

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