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Victoria Leigh

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My daughter, age 14, started training with the Akhmedova Ballet Academy (ABA) one year ago and she and I are both extremely thrilled with the training, opportunities and improvement she has had this past year. The professional training program at ABA is, without a doubt, the best training program in the Washington Metropolitan area. Believe me, we did our homework when we decided to find a new teacher/training program last year. DD actually commutes over an hour to/from ballet to be able to train at ABA. ABA's training utilizes the Vaganova method along with training in technique, pointe, repertoire, contemporary, character and pilates. Class sizes are small so you have the added benefit of personal attention and corrections that you will not find in many professional training programs. DD some wonderful opportunities during the last year that were only able to happen because she was under the teaching of Mme. Akhmedova at ABA. Such opportunities as attending her first Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) Regionals in March, where she placed in the Top 12 for her Classical solo and Top 12 for an Ensemble she danced with another classmate. The Ensemble made the YAGP Finals so DD was able to perform in that ensemble at the NYC Finals in April. ABA was in the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade in November and in December ABA had their first Fundraiser Performance to raise money for DD and three other students at ABA to attend the most prestigious European ballet competition in Berlin, Germany in February 2014. DD's progress this past year is unbelievable. Friends and family that saw her dance a year ago and then watched her dance at ABA's Winter Performance, just a few weeks ago, were amazed at how much she has improved. DD seems the happiest she has been in the last three years that she has been in a professional training program and that is mostly due to Mme. Akhmedova's training, mentorship and support. DD is excited about her future and plans to remain at ABA until she is ready to enter a professional company when she is 18 or 19 years old.

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School sounds like a wonderful opportunity for those interested in the competitions.

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Oops, sorry! Didn't mean to break the rules with my first posting! I did not realize I could not use my daughter's name. Will be more careful next time!

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Balletmom1223, the reason for that policy is simply to maintain anonymity, for the protection of your child. :)


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!

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I have a DD that is a serious dancer and was wondering if balletmom1223 or Adancersmom could provide some further information about the Academy. Specifically I would like to know about housing, meal plans, faculty, school size, and scholarships. Any info you can provide would be great! Thanks!

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Guest Adancersmom

There are two levels in the professional training program. The juniors are currently 13-16 years old while the seniors are currently
16-18 years old. Class size for both groups is limited to 8 students each.

The current schedule for both levels includes technique and repertoire which are taught by Mme. Akhmedova. Contemporary and Pilates are
taught by other teachers. Partnering is currently not available.

Currently, there are no housing or meal plan options available. A few of the student live within 45 minutes of the school and commute.
Others live 1 to 1 1/2 hours away and either commute daily or have found housing on their own nearby.

For scholarship information, you would need to contact Mme. Akhmedova directly at the email address listed on the ABA website which is: akhmedovaballet@gmail.com

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info! How does the school qualify as being pre-professional and not just another local studio? Are there auditions for placement? Can anyone go to the school? Maybe I missed that on the website.

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Local studios can be pre-professional---in fact, many are. Vaganovagirl, are you perhaps thinking of 'residential' schools? One does not need to be at a residential school to be at a pre-professional school. Residential is simply one type of pre-professional school. :)

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Hello Vaganovagirl! Yes, in order to be a student at ABA, an audition is required for placement. This is not your typical local studio...all students at ABA are aspiring a career in ballet. Juniors train five days a week and seniors train six days a week. The level of coaching/mentoring by Mme. Akhmedova is amazing and at a professional level. The four ABA graduating seniors this past May all received contracts with ballet companies (one at Staatsballet Berlin in Germany, two at Columbia Classical Ballet in SC and one at First State Ballet in DE). Hope this helps!

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You are right, dancemaven- I was thinking residential because that is what we are leaning towards.


Balletmom1223, thanks for the info about ABA. Sounds like it has great training and turn out of students! Impressive!

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