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All members of ABA's first graduating class (2013) have paid positions in professional ballet companies. It is important to note that

these 4 dancers are not trainees or apprentices but have sign contracts and are members of the Corps de ballet!

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I was wondering how well-rounded the school is and the curriculum. Any information?

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With regards to ballet apprenticeships, none of the posts for this school questioned their value.

With regards to the academic education that the current students are receiving, some are homeschooled while others attend public or private high schools and have made arrangements with their school for early release.

With regards to the well-roundedness of the program, students currently have classes in technique and repertoire which are taught by Mme. Akhmedova as well as contemporary and Pilates which are taught by other teachers. Partnering is currently not available.

She graduated from the Ballet Academy of Uzbekistan and danced with the Bolshoi Theater in Tashkent.

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Most of my information has come from the website, google searches, and Facebook.


Thanks for the information as you know choosing a ballet school is an important task!

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Yes, you are right! That is a very important decision!

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I am interested in this school. Does anyone know how the audition process works? Is there an organized audition or do they use in class auditions? I am looking for Vaganova training with small class size and personal corrections. I don't see tuition prices on their website. Can anyone share the cost? Scholarships available? I see there are nightly classes in the summer. Are these open? What are the typical ages of the Juniors and Seniors pre-pro program?

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To find out about "in class", "private", or "video" auditions at this point in time as well as tuition

and scholarships, please email Mme. Akhmedova at akhmedovaballet@gmail.com.

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Unfortunately the answer regarding your question had been removed. BT4D only allows 1st hand information.

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My daughter had a very bad experience with this school, and we have known many others to leave for similar reasons.  The school has NO boys enrolled, which present a problem when girls need to begin partnering class.  The school is also run like a cult, and anyone who attempts some level of individuality is shunned.  Students are expected to not speak with anyone outside of the school when they attend competitions, they must wear school apparel at all times, they must have the identical hairstyle which distinguishes them from everyone else, etc.  

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