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So, I naturally have very little turnout, but with lots of hard work, my turnout at barre is almost a perfect fifth, which I am ecstatic about! :D However, when I do tendu to the side keeping my hips square, my turnout is not ideal. When my teacher asks me to turn out the working foot, my hips twist. The turnout on the working foot with square hips isn't bad, but it's not flat turned out. I know I should strive for both, being turned out and with square hips, but which is more important? I'm sure I can get both eventually, but I'm just not sure which will be most effective in the long run.

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KrystaMarie, if the rotation from the hips is not there, or not yet there, you can't force it without displacing something. The legs should be equally rotated to the best of your ability, while maintaining correct alignment and weight placement. Everyone is constantly working toward better rotation, and it can be achieved by some, in time, even if they do not have it to start with. How well you use what you have, and work on improving it is what will make the difference. And not even all professionals have "perfect" rotation!

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