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Adults on Pointe?

Guest BBNButterscotch

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Guest BBNButterscotch



I know it is very rare for an Adult Ballet student to start pointe. However, I am 19 years old ( I started at 17), and my teacher tells me that I have good arches and feet for pointe work. I take 3 classes a week, and work very hard. My teacher says that if I keep working hard, i may be able to do pointe in a year or so.

My question is this- would it be advisable for me to try pointe, or should I not risk it? What are some pointers for adults students who DO go on pointe? Should I get a second "opinion" from another teacher before starting?


Thank you for any replies I do get!


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Welcome, Lauren, to the Adult Students' Forum on Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online!:)


The schedule proposed by your teacher sounds reasonable, and pointe for a 19-year-old is not as tough as it would be for somebody over 25 with no prior pointe. The tarsal/metatarsal area is still somewhat flexible and makes pointework more doable. Of course, the decision is yours - after all, it's your body!:)


If you check the Pointe Shoe Topics forum, you'll find a great overview of pointe entitled "Facts of Life about Pointe" by Victoria Leigh, the site's Ballet Mistress and a teacher at the Washington School of Ballet.

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I took pointe as a teen and then started again when I was 26. 19 is certainly not too old to start pointe. I took class with several adults who started pointe in their 30s and 40s. The main thing is that you spend time strengthening your techniique and your ankles prior to starting pointe. I took a pointe class on flat for about six months before I actually bought pointe shoes (I had been back taking regular classes for about 3 years at that point). It gave me time to get familiar with the exercises and gain some strength before actually doint pointe work.

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I was totally inspired last Wednesday evening by a woman, clearly early 50s who had begun taking classes at around 38, and was on pointe for our class. She had beautiful technique, and it was inspiring to watch her. She takes at least 4 classes per week, I think she started pointe a few years after she began ballet.


She has the right equipment as well - good form, turnout, feet, and wonderful strength.


Hope this encourages. :)

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