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My dd has narrow feet, long toes, and a high arch. Her street shoe size is 2.5. I know ordering online is not ideal, but I really don't have much choice at the moment. Suggestions??

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If we are talking flat ballet slippers, my girls wear the Bloch Pro-elastic canvas shoes. These are required at our studio. My daughters are on the opposite ends of the spectrum for foot shape/toes/etc and these fit them both extremely well. They are very true to street shoe size so I would suggest you perhaps order your daughter a 2.5 and see how they fit. We have discovered an interesting thing about these shoes though. My oldest daughter's feet sweat like crazy. The sweat causes the shoes to stretch on her but we haven't found this to be true with anyone else. If they stretch too much, we run them through the laundry and shrink them back down. She wears a size 7 street shoe and was still wearing her size 5's until we bought her new ones.

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Might want to try Chacott flats....they come in a variety of styles/materials but more importantly if ordering online, call the store directly with the measurement of her feet; the shoes are sized in metric increments which makes sizing a dream! My DD loves them.

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How narrow is her foot? B, A, AA, etc? And what requirements does your studio have for shoes?


My DD has a ridiculously narrow foot (she measures a 6.5 AAA). Her studio requires a leather full sole for classes. We've tried so many different shoes at this point and have found that her width is just not available ballet flat, unless custom made, and that ordering on-line, while tricky, is essential. Her preferred shoe is the Bloch Dansoft, which fits pretty well, I'd say that the A width fits more like a AA. We tried the Capezio Teknik, as I was told that Capezios are generally more narrow, but their N width fits like a A and causes considerable gaps at the side of her foot, no matter how snugly we adjust them. She will be trying the MDM Elemental next, with permission of her instructor. The pair she tried on were too small for her, but width wise was very snug.


As far as figuring out fit when ordering on-line, I don't hesitate to go straight to the manufacturer and speak with them. They have all been very helpful.(Bloch even offered advice for how to deal with the extra material DD had above her toes.)

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Her studio just wants split soled canvas shoes. I have been looking at MDM ballet shoes (Intrinsic, I believe), and I was hoping to find some feedback about them. I may just have to order some, and see what she thinks of them. I did see that they run narrow, so perhaps they would be a nice option for her. I love the printable fit sheets on their website!

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My daughter wears Russian Pointe's Andante slippers. I like that both the vamp and the width can be customized. They are more expensive than most, but they are worth it for the fit. My daughter has tried many other brands (Capezio, Bloch, Sansha) and always comes back to RP because they fit like a glove. We order online from the Russian Pointe website. Shipping is always fast - I usually get them within a week.

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I was looking at the RPs also, but the options are so confusing to me. Is it longer toes that need the higher vamp? I really wish someone local to me sold them, because they look so pretty!

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