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Does "Full Length Tights " Mean Footed?


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If an audition specifies "full length tights" for males, does that specifically mean footed, or does it mean the tights need to go down at least to the ankles?


DS usually auditions in ankle length back tights with white socks and white ballet slippers, He has footed tights, but he prefers the ones he usually wears.

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good question. I don't think you can tell from that description! I would expect it to say 'footed' if that is what they want. You are right- to me that is abit ambiguous. Is there someone you can ask?

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Good question. I had the same question for a SI audition and ended up looking at the SI website which gave a fairly good picture of a footed tight.

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Yes. Full length tights mean full footed tights with the tights inside the shoes!

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