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First time auditioning for SI


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I am 13 about to 14. I audtioned for SIs for the first time this year. I auditioned for ABT (gat accepted to Alabama), Carolina Ballet, Ballet West and Kirov. At first I was excited, but some of the girls in my studio are telling me Alabama is where they send the worst dancers and because I'm a boy, that's even worse. I don't know about the others yet, they haven't sent out letters yet. I don't know how I stack up because I am the only boy in my studio. All of the girls are taller than I am so I have very little chance to partner. I don't know what to think now. Has anyone on this board been to ABT Alabama. Are the girls right?

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No, I do not believe they are right, cwc-od. All of their programs are good. They vary in length, but they all have dancers of all levels. Alabama is a good starting point for someone new to the SI scene and only 13 years old. :)

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Go wherever they give you a scholarship, but make sure they have a strong boy's program. Audition for as many places as you can.

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Congratulations on your first SI. ABT has a good program. I think you need to pay more attention to what your instructors say about your audition acceptance. What did they say? Forget what the girls said. They may not be well informed as to the strenght of the program. If it's Alabama, that is great! Just one question. Did the girls that commented get SI placements? Make sure you enjoy yourself where ever you end up. Good luck!

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