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Boys ballet shirt question


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I am not sure if this question belongs to this group, by here it is...


I haven't had any exposure to the way male ballet costumes are constructed and sewn. Hence, my question: what is the best way to design a shirt that goes under a short vest? I am curious about it's lower part - is it built as a leotard or not? How does it stay put under a short vest? Let's say, like in this Aran Bell's costume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFM-qm-1wBQ

Thank you!

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I've tried that and you could see its lines under the tights.

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I saw a shirt just recently that had all the parts of the shirt; but it was cut so it would end before the dancers tights began (in other words, the shirt only went down to a bit below the rib cage) and the bottom edge was made of wide elastic so it would stay put when the dancer moved. I'm not sure if I described that well enough; but imagine a shirt cut off partway down and having wide elastic instead of a hem.

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Thank you, HuckleberryDawg! I might try just that!

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Thank you, Victoria! I swear, I was looking for other posts about this before I posted this question.

Only my son would not let me use diaper pins on him as there was a case of opening one of them at a bad time :).

What worked for us before is when I would simply attach sleves and collar to the vest body to make it look like he is wearing a shirt and a vest, but it was actually a one piece. Then I have tried the leotard approach and I didn't like the lines it created below waist. I have tried to look online, but usually they don't show peices of costume separately and it's hard to figure how how they were designed.

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