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Tights for Boys- Brands, Sizing etc Questions


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We have always purchased M Stevens tights for our boys, but are looking at some less expensive alternatives so we are not concerned when they lose them at intensives this summer! Reading online retailers reviews aren't helpful for boys due to girls perhaps not needing as good coverage.

The other issue we have is tall skinny boys and size charts that aren't accurate. I know we aren't supposed to post weights but is there some other way to indicate in questions and responses body shapes for choosing dancewear?

Thanks for any input!

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I've sewn elastic suspenders into almost all of my son's M. Stevens tights. This helps keep them up and also helps him keep track of his tights. You can get different weaves of elastic at a fabric shop and pick a distinctive weave pattern but conventional color.

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My tall skinny boy (5'10"+), age 16, has settled on Capezio women's leggings as his tights of choice. Great coverage, fabric (supplex/lycra) feels good and less shiny than the M Stevens. Size Medium. These are footless, that's what he likes.

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My DS also tall and skinny 5'10" has been wearing Capezio footed tights size L. His white tee does show through a bit. The tights themselves have held up very well. This week however he has asked/begged me to try the M Stevens brand. I ordered a pair last night so he can try them before making the transition.

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I don't know if this helps but my son LOVES the Wear Moi brand tights. They seem to be a bit thicker and sturdier to me and they have more of an actual "tight" fit that is similar to ladies tights vs. the way most men's tights are designed - I would think they would work very well for thinner boys. They also have a long "torso" so they can be rolled down when they are new but then gradually unrolled as they grow taller.


They are the ONLY tights my son will wear. They don't sag in the crotch at all so he never has to pull them up during class. They never seem to lose their "tightness." The only problem we have ever had is with my son wearing holes through the feet but that happened with other brands as well. They are very easy to mend.


I won't sugar coat it: they are more expensive but they last forever so I think they are worth it. I bought my son several pairs when he was almost 10 and then I didn't have to buy him new ones until just the beginning of this school year (he turned 12 in October) because he needed the next size up since he had grown so much and didn't have any more waist band to roll down. That's how long these tights last. I will mention that I wash them in cold water and hang them to dry so that probably helps.

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My son wears the Sansha tights with the suspenders already attached. He LOVES these. They are expensive but they last forever. He has 5 in rotation and they have lasted over a year. I go over them once a month and sew up holes in the feet he has worn in from spinning and check the seams over. You can't see thru these at all.

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I am posting on my son's acct, he wears Body wrappers...he's extremely thing and these have given him the right waist without sacrificing length.

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Yes, that is the issue of course. You want good quality long lasting but I don't want to spend the money when he loses them at intensive!

My older son went to a residential program and left brand new great dance belt and tights. They were stolen! He said "no one ever stole them before!"

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Ewww - who would want someone else's dance belt!??!? I write my son's name in silver sharpie on the waistband of his black tights and black sharpie on his dance belt. That way if there is a "mix up" in the laundry its clear whose they are. Honestly, if anyone smelled my son after he danced all day in his tights and dance belt, they definitely wouldn't get close enough to stealing them...

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Oh, gosh. I thought the same thing. Yuck. We once had a situation where a boy at our studio lost his only dance belt before a performance and didn't have time to go buy one before the performance. My mom (my son's grandmother) was heading down for the performance so the AD asked if she could bring one of my son's down as it was an emergency. Ummm, okay . . . it's an emergency and the poor kid was wearing white tights. Grossed me out but it wasn't MY son who had to wear someone else's dance belt.


But then the next week his parents brought it back and thanked me saying they had laundered it. I was like "Thanks! That was so thoughtful, but we have several why don't you just keep that one."


There was no way I was going to have my son wear a dance belt someone else had worn - not even if it had been washed in battery acid.

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Wear Moi tights are fantastic, they hold up VERY well and are very good for boys with long legs. Bodywrappers doesnt work so well with longer legged boys in my opinion.


I also wash my son's in cold water and hang to dry, they have lasted a year until nutcracker of course!

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I am trying out various brands of boys' tights for my DS - thinking of trying Wear Moi. What would be the right size for a 12 year old boy who is not quite 5 feet tall? thanks in advance!

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