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Tights for Boys- Brands, Sizing etc Questions


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Depending on the site you order from the size could be called different things. My son is 12 is about 5'2" now and weighs about 95 pounds. He wears a the Wear Moi Footed "Solo" tights in a Child's size 10/12 which is also called a child's XL or a Child's Intermediate or sometimes an adult x-small. The tag inside will always say 10/12 but the different sites call them different things. On discount dance I think they are calling this size a child intermediate now. I just ordered an adult small to see how it fits my son. He likes to be able to roll the top of his tights down several times and he has gone through a bit of a growth spurt and can't roll as much. I'm afraid the adult small might be too big though so I just ordered one pair. I'll let you know how they fit when they get here.

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My son love tights made by Saut de Basque (Sautdebasque.com). Small company and they will custom fit (my son is 6'5 and has very large feet...they made the feet to our specifications). They may not seem to have black tights on their website, but just drop them a note and ask for them. BTW, they have some crazy cool tights on their website. No one would be able to steal your sons' tights if they look like these!

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Regarding the Eurotard 34943: As the description says, it is seamless. Meaning no back seam and this made for a unacceptable "unibutt" for my son! Maybe a younger boy would not mind this.


We have made extensive use of Saut de Basque over the past 4 years. My son has very muscular thighs and more shortish legs. They have been able to customize tights to fit his build at no extra charge ever. We have ordered ankle length, bike length and capris length and they have customized both the rise and the leg length for all. Different dances/costumes require different fits of tights i.e. sometimes he needs a very high waist, sometimes he wants a low waist, and Saut de Basque has come through every time!

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Thanks for mentioning the seams, unfortunately I already ordered a pair of the Eurotards. We'll see how they go when they arrive. At least for the price they can be a back up.

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Got the Eurotards. Just as I suspected, not what we are looking for. They'll be used when everything else hasn't been washed! Off to order M Stevens I guess.....

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My DS won't wear anything but M Stevens- He doesn't like the scratchy feeling in the capezios or the cotton in the wear moi as they don't dry well for him. He has 6 pairs in rotation during the summer and we rotate 3 during the school year. He's never lost a pair at an SI but has managed to "misplace" them at his regular studio (how is that possible when he's one of 3 boys? vs at an SI :wallbash: ). We wash them after each class and hang to dry- he's had the same pairs for the last 3 years which I can't say the same about DD's tights.......

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Yes, it is amazing what they do, isn't it? One DS just drove great distance to our studio and his dance belt was on the floor at home where he dropped it! No class for him!

The M Stevens do dry super fast. I ordered a bunch more.

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My son likes the M. Stevens tights. They seem to last forever, I do sew up holes though. He did cut the feet out of one old pair to make some footless tights. He is 5"10", and wears the adult medium. I have sewn suspenders on them for him and this works well. He tried Capezio and did not like the weight of them, the M. Stevens are a great fit.

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My younger DS is 5'8" and slim with long legs and he prefers Motionwear tights. I have to say that they hold up nicely to repeated washings. My elder DS who is 5'7" with a more muscular physique wears both Motionwear and M. Stevens but prefers M. Stevens because he thinks the fit is better. The M. Stevens do hold up well--his usually fade out before they wear out.

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Another thought on boy's and men's tights. My son likes Allen Bodywear. They are the least show through in white and seem to fit his shorter leg physique the best. Another plus is that they are convertible so he can pull them up off his feet when he wants to. They also come with elastics that hook on, but I find that these do not stay and need to be sewn on to be effective. I have had to repair holes that happen at the seams. At 5'7" and muscular legs, he can wear a medium or a large.

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