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I go to a mainly Balanchine school and will be going to SAB this summer and I love the Balanchine technique (if you can't tell by my name) but I will often get correct against my training when I take open classes. Most teachers at other schools will correct my on at least one thing, whether it be my heels lifting up or my hands etc. To what extent should I listen to them or just keep doing what I'm normally told? I want to be versatile, as every dancer does, but I would rather become really good at what I love (balanchine). Thanks! :D

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Hello futurebalanchine and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. You can learn from every professional teacher, regardless of methodology or style. Remain open to all corrections.


As for training with your heels off the floor, not advisable at all. There are health issues that you need to understand. Many dancers dance Balanchine, heels off the floor is not a requirement for every company. I do not think it is a requirement for NYCB either. The choreography of Balanchine can at times be very fast which may not allow the heels to be used into the floor as in other choreographies, however that is choreography, not training. Training is a totally different thing. Train to dance everything, not just Balanchine!

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