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Starting out at 27


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Hey guys, I'm posting this because I am wanting to start practicing ballet and I'm looking for a good place to start. I live in Dallas, TX and have researched a few studios. I am wondering if any one knows of a great studio in Dallas that would be welcome to a 27 year old male beginner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I don't know any of the studios in Dallas...but I'm sure any studio would be happy to have you. As far as finding a good studio and a good fit for you...perhaps you might want to post this on cross talk. It is unlikely that any of the women on the board will see this post here in the men's section...and they might have some great ideas.

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While I'm a believer in minimizing the amout of time I waste driving, in the end you have to balance that against the quality of the studio and the instruction you receive.


When I started taking ballet classes almost 3 years ago I selected a studio that was 5 minutes from my house. After a bit more than a year I switched to one 12 miles away, and six months after that I switched yet again to one 20 miles away. Each change has been a big step up in the quality of the instruction, totally worth the extra time it takes to get there and back.


I know nothing about the studios in the Dallas area. But even as someone who drives in the traffic commonly ranked as worst in the USA, I wouldn't dismiss a studio 25 miles away if they were of superior quality and their class schedule managable.

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Dallas Ballet Center teaches an adult beginning class on Sat.

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Hey there! Great work starting at 27... im started to take syllabus classes a year ago at the age of 31.....just passed my rad intermediate with merit...advanced 1 here i come!! Good luck with it all and welcome to the fantastic world of ballet :-)

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Little update on my end.....I ended up going with two studios taking a beginning class at North Central Ballet on Tuesdays. Very small class(only 5 of us) so I get a lot of individual attention which is great. Additional I'm taking class on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Texas Ballet Theater and class is taught by one of the male company members. Both are a bit of a drive for me but gotta do whatcha gotta do. Loving both studios so far and excited to see where I can take things before my body gives out....LOL

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