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Increasing bone strength?


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My daughter has fabulous feet due to hypermobility, but with that comes weak ankles. She's dealt with repeated fractures, and we'd been attributing it to the hypermobility - but we recently found out that her Vitamin D level is low. I'm giving her supplements, but has anyone else dealt with this issue and found something that worked for your dancer? Note - I'm *not* asking for medical advice here - just looking for suggestions that I can research and make my own decision. I'm just hoping to find something that might help her, because I fear what will happen during an SI this summer - she attended an SI during the summer of 2012 and came home with a stress fracture.


Thanks for any ideas!



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My daughter takes vitamin D with vitamin C and Calcium, as prescribed by her chiropractor who treats ballet dancers. He told us that they need to be taken together for proper absorption.

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We have recently been told by several sports medicine physicians that they have found that many young ballet dancers have a deficiency of vitamin D. They spend so many hours in the studio instead of outside! It was recommended to DD that she take a vitamin D supplement regularly.

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Ask your pediatrician for a Vitamin D test. We were shocked to learn that our daughter was VERY low in her Vitamin D, as she spends hours in a studio, and not outside. We also live in an area of extreme winter weather. Pediatrician put her on 2,000 D3 supplement. Research shows that Vitamin D is a big contributor to overall muscle and bone health, among other things. The normal range should be between 30 and 80 for a Vitamin D test. The pediatrician also recommended a three-month follow up to the test to monitor levels. This is a very serious trend amongst dancers that is often overlooked.

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Just a thought here: both of my DDs were diagnosed in adolescence with hypothyroid (too low), requiring intake of the hormone (seems to be genetic and also endemic where we live). It appears from what I have read that vitamin D3 absorption can be influenced by thyroid hormones, as well as dietary factors (such as fat intake, etc.), so, is is probably prudent to get these things looked at, as well. :)



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Vitamin D deficiency is something I've always battled due to my Mediterranean skin color and working in an office without windows. The best way to get it is through sunlight. Vitamin supplements are nowhere near as good. How much sun depends on skin color. Light skin could be just as little as 10-15 minutes a day. For me, it's 45 minutes to an hour daily. Every doctor I've ever been to in recent years has had me on Vit. D3, 2,000 mgs. a day. It MUST be D3. However, according to my doctors, there IS currently discussion in the medical field that the new supplement recommendations might actually be too high. In the last 20 or so years, medical science has moved from believing the human body needed very little Vit. D and that supplements should be at very low levels to the current state where it's now realized just how important vit. D is. So the daily recommendations are way higher than they used to be. I keep taking the D3 at 2,000 mgs. a day, but I've been scrupulously reading all the new research about toxicity levels: the jury is still out.


The good news is that the human body stores Vitamin D, so when there's no school, your daughter should make every effort to get outside for sunlight. I was told that I could get enough in the summer to last me through the winter. The sunscreen issue is a difficult one, but remember that it doesn't take much sun exposure to get all the D3 you need daily.

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My dd is often cold. She is 13 1/2 and in the studio a lot. She does have a lower body fat, but wonder if it could be something else. I asked her pediatrician if we could test her iron and Vitamin D levels. Insurance would not pay to have her Vitamin D levels checked. I have her on multi with iron and also another vitamin D supplement, but I hate to "guess". She is a healthy eater, not a lot of meat, but lots of dark green vegetables. Also the organic milk is not supplemented with D. Anyone else have a cold dd? Suggestions?

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Please remember we no longer have an active Health & Nutrition Forum, so no one here is able to provide medical advice-----or diagnosis. That must come from your medical provider. If your pediatrician has no answer, then I would suggest pestering him/her for a referral.

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