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SI that focus on Balanchine training at age 13


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Hello everyone! My DD just turned 13. She attended her first 5 week Summer Intensive last year at a school that did not focus just on one specific ballet style. This gave her an over all training in various areas (Vagonava, Balanchine, etc.). This year is has been accepted into a SI that is also 5 weeks, but it specifically focuses on the Balanchine style. She really wants to attend this program because of her own personal interest in the style.


Now here is my question..Due to her being newly 13 I have heard her Ballet Instructors tell her that she should not focus on one specific ballet training style due to her age. That she should go to a SI that will give her a more rounded training.


For those who have had dancers go to both a SI with mixed technical training and specific Balanchine training, due to feel that one type is better for a young 13 year old dancer.


I want what is best in helping DD make the choice for this summer, because I feel that at 13 it is very important in guiding her in the right direction. I do not want to make the wrong choice and send her somewhere that will put her behind or push her back.


She really wants to attend the Balanchine training school, but is being 13 and focusing on only one type of training going to be ok for her. Or do I wait until she is older to put a more specific focus on her studies.


Thank you all for your guidance.

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Please feel free to move this post if it is suppose to be under summer intensives. I am so soory if I posted wrong.

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Balletsky, I think that at this age her teachers at her regular school need to have some input on this. I expect my students to ask me which programs I would prefer for them.

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Balletsky, dd went to a SI this past summer that was 5 weeks and taught a mix of ballet techniques, and she goes to a Balanchine year round. She did well coming back.

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I your daughter wants to dance in a Balanchine company she should focus on Balanchine. It is really hard to excel as a jack-of-all-trades.

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A well trained and talented dancer needs to be able to work in many different styles within any company. A variety of training in SI Programs is a good thing for older dancers because their technique is more developed. At barely 13 we feel it is best for them to study in programs sanctioned by their teacher or school, therefore I think that her teachers are wise in their advise at this point in time. It is a time to solidify technique, not to develop a very specialized style.

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