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Hey guys, I'm posting this because I am wanting to start practicing ballet and I'm looking for a good place to start. I live in Dallas, TX and have researched a few studios. I am wondering if any one knows of a great studio in Dallas that would be welcome to a 27 year old male beginner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Latebloomer27. Glad you found us!


I've moved this thread to the Adult Ballet Students as you'll get a lot of expert advice here from other adult ballet students, including many men and women who've started relatively late (in ballet years!). But 27 is a mere spring chicken to some us, still dancing in our 40s and 50s.


I hope you'll also find the Men & Boys specialised forums, and between us all, find great support and camaraderie here. As well as expert advice and guidance from our wonderful Teacher moderators.


I know we have a few Texans here, so I hope they'll give good suggestions for studios. I was lucky enough to be in Dallas in November and I was surprised at what a lovely town it is -- I can't help about classes, as the only studios I know in Texas are in Austin (some great studios there for adult ballet students).


The other suggestion we make, is that you have a look at the the Pre-Professional forums, and search for your area. This is on the basis that generally, a good studio for training young dancers to professional level will generally also have a good community and adult programme. I know that was my experience in Birmingham (UK) with the studio associated with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

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During the holidays I visited Park Cities Dance in Dallas. It seemed the most legit studio of the ones I researched. I took the adult advanced beginner class. It was alright...only 50 minutes, which was odd to me, especially considering how expensive it was ($20!). It also didn't seem very "advanced beginner," more like absolute beginner. BUT the usual teacher was out and there was a sub, so that may make all the difference in the world! And everyone there was very, very friendly and enthusiastic about adult dancers.

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Thanks for the reply guys. My two biggest problems I seem to be having finding a studio are.


A.) Getting a studio to even get back to me even if they have adult classes after several emails and phone calls.

B.) Finding a studio that offers something more that just adult ballet for fitness. As it stand I work out 6 days a week already so a fitness class isn't really what I'm looking for. I want something that will challenge me and really help me learn.


It's be frustrating to say the least....LOL

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This thread is a bit old (the first comments are a decade old, but the most recent are from a couple of years ago), but might be helpful: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=18516


It also links to a another thread dealing with non-adult classes in the area, and studios with strong children/youth ballet programs can be a good place to start in a search for adult classes. Between those discussions, you should have some good leads.


Good luck!

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Thanks Gav, Found a few studios willing to take me on so we'll see how it goes. Started a absolute beginner course at the Texas Ballet Theater on Wednesdays and also looking at a class on Tuesdays at North Central Ballet. Both are a bit further than I would like to drive(45mins) but hey beggars can't be choosers....lol Would love to be able to take class 4-5 days a week but don't want to have to go 4-5 studios but that may be the case.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hi latebloomer27: I am also new to the Dallas area and have had a LOT of frustration finding a place to take classes. I have also experienced the same kinds of things you have - studios not getting back to me, one studio receptionist telling me "Oh, yes we have an advanced/professional class for adults - it meets on Thursday evenings and is 1 hour long. The teacher throws in jazz too. You'll love it!" A class that lasts only 50 minutes is not a good one, IMO.


I suggest you try Dallas Ballet Center. Friendly, professional staff and you can buy a class card for a very good per class rate. You could also check out Hathaway Ballet Academy in Plano. They offer teen/adult beginning and intermediate classes - very friendly and welcoming and good prices for classes, too. There is also Royale Ballet in Richardson (I think) but I do not have any first hand experience, just take class with another dancer who teaches there, and she is very good.

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