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SI in 2003


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I have finally decided to go to a SI as well next year. I’d like to know in which programme you took part in (homepages of the institutions?) and, if you know, if they also offer adult beginner programmes as I’ll be 19 ½ at that time and just started at the age of 16 ½. Thanks for your help



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hey, this is totaly random but i noticed that you live in germany and all... Have u ever heard of the Junior All Nations Ballet? i dont know what city it is in, but i know they offer a free education...


thanks a ton

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Guest Nadezhda


I have no idea which summer programmes are offered in Germany, but it might help to look at the July or August copy of Dance Europe. That is a magazine that usually has an acrticle about SIs every summer. Also if you look at the web pages of the famous German companies that also have a school that might help you a bit. Try searching on the German Yahoo! or Altavista or another search engine.

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Hi Ed!


Well I found a site of the Jugend Tanz Theater as it is called in German, but unfortunately it is under construction :D As far as I know, there are no SI in Germany and for me, it should not be a pre-professional SI as I don't want to (and obviously can't) do that as a profession. I guess that I would have to participate in a SI in America, but I can't afford it yet. :mad:

I guess that's it and I have to wait until I can afford to go to an adult SI :)


Thanks anyway,



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Awww , well cool. Thanks anyways. I hope you get the chance to come to the States sometime! I hope you enjoy it!


Danke fur deine helfe!


I hope thats correct grammer!

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