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Not photogenic in ballet pictures


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People say I'm a good dancer and that I'm a good performer but whenever I get back photos of me dancing I always cringe. I feel that everybody else is so photogenic in ballet show pictures but I'm always the person who is making the weird face or has their arms to high. I try to focus on dancing to the best of my ability and I always look pretty good in show DVD's when everything is moving. I always keep a smile because I'm always genuinely happy when I dance. However, when I get back photos from the performance I always am so sad because there isn't a good one of me. Does anybody have any tips on how to be more photogenic in ballet performance action shots? :nixweiss:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, balletzandy!


I'm sorry that you are unhappy with your performance photos, but you have to remember that these photos are not posed and very, very often caught at just the wrong moment. Keep in mind that that moment is not the one seen by the audience at all. Trust the videos, not the still photos!

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I have this problem too! It is really frustrating. The only thing that I have found that helps is to think of the moments in the dance that are likely to be chosen for a picture and try to be slightly more aware of your facial expression ect... in that moment. I have found certain things almost always make me scrunch my face so I have to be extra careful for those things.

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Hi, balletzandy! When I have pictures taken at a performance, I notice that a lot of them are taken at awkward moments in between steps. So, I try to focus on making my transitions smoother, so then it will look good in general and in pictures! Then hopefully there won't be those awkward pictures :happy: I also look at other dance pictures/videos of other girls too and see what looks good in their pictures/videos and try to apply it to my performance. I hope this helps! :)

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I think we have all been there! I often look back at old photos and cringe. I laugh at myself and it makes me work harder. Photos at recitals are all about timing, and it's hard to get a perfect shot everytime. Just think of it this way, next recital you can compare your pictures and look at how much you have improved! Don't be to hard on yourself. It is easy to compare your pictures with those of the girls in your class, and as dancers we pick apart every little thing.

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I always have this same problem... I'd say ask around to see what rehearsal/performance they are taking pictures and when you are onstage that day just be aware of your position and expression, especially in poses and possible action shots. :)

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