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I really appreciate the training guidelines for boys! If a school is fortunate enough to have a men's class (for ages 12 & up), what should it be teaching? How would it be different from a combined class (besides the obvious :) )?

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Great question - I am wondering the same thing. Is it simply a technique technique class with only boys/men that is hopefully taught by a man that then does men's things like tours and turns in second during center work? Or should it be a separate class that is held AFTER a combined technique class that works ONLY on things that are specific to men?

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I think it is typical for many schools in the US to have men's classes scheduled after one of the coed ballet classes. As the girls begin to go en pointe, it is typical for the girls to have their pointe class while the boys go to do their work. It should increase incrementally as the kids advance!


Of course, in academies that have a fair share of boys, they are able to offer boys training entirely separately from girls.

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In an ideal world, mens class should work on big turns, big jumps, and all things manly in regards to ballet. How to hold your arms, how to bow, and some work on male variations. Usually it is a separate class. Also in an ideal world, it is taught by a guy who can adequately cover all of these things. Case in point - 2 years ago my son had a guy teacher for men's class. My son is the only boy at our studio. Guy teacher was trying to help us film the boy for summer intensive audition footage. He picked out a song and told my son what he wanted him to do. My not knowing anything about ballet, I thought the song was pretty and was going to start the camera. Just about then, the AD of the studio comes barreling in and hollars "STOP! You can't seriously have him dance to that!!!". Apparently it was music to the lilac fairy variation. In the guy teacher's defense, he does teach mostly girls.

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