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I need a refresher in some of my terms and clarification in others. Is there a resource that would best help me do this? I do not have a preference in formatting, just something that I can refer to in order to match terminology with what I am doing in class.

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Most people like Gail Grant's Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. It's the one I see most often recommended here. I myself own a copy...I used to just read it when I was younger to see how much I knew. :rolleyes:

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Thank you

I just found the book on the iBooks store with two different prices. They look like they are the same. Any idea why one would be $3.99 (copyright Apr 2012, 144 pages) and the other $7.99 (copyright 2009. 156 pages)?

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Well, ViolaDancer, we always like it if you go through Amazon since Ballet Talk for Dancers gets a tiny slice of the income!!


My Gail Grant is the 2nd version and it is 127 pages long. Beyond that it contains the catalogue of other books from Dover publishers.

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I did not know Ballet Talk was connected to Amazon. Good to know. Thanks.

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I was not aware of that either. I will make sure my students get the book through Amazon as I require them to have it.

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Thank you! The link that connects us is at the bottom left of all the pages. :)

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I saw it before but didn't realize the connection. I might need to use that search bar.

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