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Winter/Spring Silly Season... Lions, Tigers, SI's and More


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I actually thought I would get a break after Nutcracker, but that basically lasted for about a week.


For other parents who started immediately rehearsing for Winter Shows there was no break.


Add to that the SI shuffle, the Observation extravaganzas, Mid-Year Evaluations short and long and all the FUD, fear uncertainty and doubt that accompanies all these activities I can't be alone.


So let's hear it what is your silliness like?

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My DD opted to stay at her studio's SI for another summer, so she hasn't done any auditions this season. Spring rehearsals don't begin until late Feb/early March. Translation: I've enjoyed/am enjoying a nice long break where the only thing she has is daily class. ;)

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For us, the terrible snow and cold made for some difficult commutes to SI auditions. It seemed that the big storms hit every weekend. The 7-day per week dance schedule with Nutcracker just morphed into 7-days per week dancing with all the SI auditions. I'm glad they are over!

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We just had my dd's evaluation yesterday with four of her five instructors and the division's AD -- and my ex-wife who doesn't support my dd's ballet financially or emotionally a very long story -- she has beautiful facility, feet and legs, but she needs to work her muscles more so that she is stronger in center, or else... another dd's Mom, highly recommended Gyrotonics, so I spent 2hours into the wee hours of the morning on BT4D and Google getting smart on the subject... realizing that there really isn't too much...so anyone with some keen insight please feel free.


SI is in the bag, but that was like wrestling an alligator, with the snow, decision making and early bird discounting negotiations, Thank God, we prevailed!


As for this Gyrotonics thing...I mean just as I was about to be able to breathe, I just get sucked right back in...gyrotonics anyone? Bueller... Bueller!


Getting silly.

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Winter/Spring silly season indeed! DD is 12 (almost 13) attended several big/little school SI auditions, landed one, but gained lots of experience in attending open auditions. She will be attending her home school SI again this summer, which is actually a wonderful SI. She made noticeable improvement last year, and should make good improvement this year as well. In retrospect, and in observing the fallout of her peers auditioning, here are my thoughts...SI's are good summer pursuits, but are just that at age 12. They do not reflect the future of a young dancer nor are they indicative of of their current accomplishments. They are not an indication of employability or verification of talent. They do provide some bragging rights and some wonderful adventures for the dancers who are accepted. For some, however, they can cause a young dancer to lose site of their bigger picture. I've seen good dancers receiving excellent training change studios based on SI results (which may or may not have been a necessary move), shoulder disappointment way beyond their years and lose faith. It is true that a dancer's career is short, but at age 12 they need to understand that they still have far to go before they can even be considered "company material." As parents we need to assure them that they are to be commended on their courage to face a audition panel, and to keep trying to improve. Most of all, that we love them unconditionally no matter whatever the outcome.

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performinthestorm, the school has two types of conferences, early and regular. Early conferences are generally where there is more time allotted to discuss a dk's training, it could be to discuss that status of injury, good news (moving up). In some levels, the upper levels, everyone gets them, in some lower levels it appears that the bottom third of each level gets them. The extraordinary thing is that all of the instructors and the AD for that division is present so it amps up the level of drama. Generally they dreaded at every level, because some very hard news can be delivered during these conferences.


In ours we had a very frank conversation with the AD about when generally their determination as to a dk's is on track for advanced level training.

The AD said it occurs at 14/15 if you are invited back at that time in their estimation they believe you have what it takes. That being said they consider each and every level to be on the pro track.


DD at 13.5 is very much in the "quickening" phase of this really important transition, so this is pretty much do or die for her. As it is for any of the other dk's her age in that level. Although less so for the younger ones, but the risk for them is that they haven't gone through puberty.


So the or else is that she will either repeat or move out. That is the "or else" each year.


I believe in the next levels they also have these meetings also with the dd in addition with the parent's conference. It is all in the transition from pre-professional to pro.


All that being said on the whole the conference was very positive and they clearly think she is someone they want to continue to develop, but "the correction" she received she will have to apply well and continue to work hard, so back to the grind stone, this time focused on Gyrotonics:)

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Petrovafossil, we are in NYC, and will look into that. Dd is now homeschooled so can do that. Thanks!


Performinthestorm, be careful watch you ask for:), yes very intense, very much a crucible where you really never feel comfortable as a parent.


I always tell my friends, family and those parents newly invested in the school that it's like boiling a frog, if you put the frog in the water and it is boiling already, it'll immediately jump out, however if you put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat....by the time you realized how deep you are in the pot you are nearly cooked, and by then you can't move, you are just waiting to be served.

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I'm relatively new to this. May I suggest that someone start a Gyrontonics dedicated thread? I think this is important information but I'm thinking that since we moved off topic many knowledgable contributors won't know it's being discussed. If there is a thread already, I apologize, I couldn't' find one.

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Yes a thread dedicated for Gyrotonics makes sense, good suggestion and execution thanks.

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