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Prix de Lausanne, February 1st 2014


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to watch







And we could share our feelings.


There were a total of 295 candidates (224 girls and 71 boys), 35 nationalities

77 came to Lausanne

Today is the final with 20 candidates, 13 boys and 7 girls


Last year 9 boys were among the 10 winners and only one girl. Is it to promote male dancers ?



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Thank you for posting this link, Tatiana! I'm working today (so why am I posting in here??? :devil: ) but will try to catch up tonight.

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I did watch the whole prize on internet.

All 20 finalists were excellent.

The black american studying at the bolchoi got the prize for modern dance and the scholarship number 3. Her name is Adams Precious.

The first prize went to Niyama Haruo, Japan, I also had given him the best notes for both, classical and modern ballet.

Only one girl got one of the six scholarships, Sea Maeda, 15 years old, Japan,

I would have given one to Maria Clara Marinho Coelho from Brazil, she was very good too.


I am sure all the finalists will have a fine career.


Anyway, it was better than the prix de Lausanne from last year, when no girl got a prize..

Of course, I suppose one has to encourage male dancers as they are less numereous..

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