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Discussing year round residence programs with your parents


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I'm VERY interested in a residence program for next year. I will be 16 and going to this program really is something I need to do because I will not become a professional dancer with the training I'm getting at my current studio. The studios in my area are very recreational and I'm at the best one I can be at. I was accepted into this year round program last year and I'm attending their summer intensive on scholarship this year. I've talked to my dad about the program a lot and he's agreed to support what I want to do but every time I try to discuss it with my mom she just brushes it off like it doesn't matter. Ive tried explaining to her how important this is to me but I don't think she believes in me. :wacko:

Is there a certain approach I should use to talk to her? Maybe write her a letter?


Thanks so much :wub:

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