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Mel Johnson

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I have never been in a men's class, and to my knowledge none is offered for adult beginners in Stockholm. I am 30 years old, and just now starting my second term of dancing (as the only male in my group), and would really like to see what other guys do. Would a summer intensive, e.g. Richmond, be a good idea for me, or is my level too low (by this summer: two terms, two classes a week)?

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Anders, this is a new one on me! While I am not certain, it seems that Richmond does have a summer program with a division dedicated to the adult student. I imagine that you'd be welcome there, and that there would be a level at which you could successfully work, if you can afford the length of time for the program.

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From what I understand, the Richmond Intensive (Now called Adult Dance Camps -- web site coming soon) plans to have additional mens classes this year. We only had two scheduled last year and the added additional ones because they were very popular. Only a few guys were there but some of the more advanced women took them as well. They kept the focus on the guys though. It was politely made clear women were allowed, but the men were the focus.


It was great because there are no men's classes anywhere around me, and when they do have them, they're filled with really advanced dancers. Way out of my leaque.

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