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Yeah. Dancewear companies will generally keep a smaller stock of what we call the "gut" sizes, which is basically the most commonly asked for sizes. But sizes at either end of the spectrum become scarce.


Now, pointe shoe manufacturers do make shoes year-round, though I doubt that the size extremes are done once the "yearly" production has been sent out. Then, it becomes a "special order" which is why it ends up on B.O.


If his size doesn't really change, then it might be a good idea to order 5 pairs now for next year, provided the companies don't decide to change their sizing, which is another fun thing they do on occasion :wallbash:

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It's the cause of many of my grey hairs.......

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my DS wears grishko split sole canvas performance style 5 (the ones with the little elastic bit between the 2 soles). They are by FAR the hardest wearing of any shoe he has tried (the canvas genuinely feels twice the thickness), so although more expensive they work out far more economical. Also he says they give the best line. All other shoes he has tried have fallen to pieces- sometimes within a few weeks- Grishkos last at least a term and sometimes more and that's with being washed almost daily (and danced in for 3-6 hrs a day 6 days a week). He usually has 2 pairs and rotates them. The great advantage of the canvas is they can be thrown in the washing machine and certainly the Grishkos seem to survive the wash quite happily (and he does his own washing at school so I doubt they go on a delicate cycle!)

Of course it is only more eceonomical to pay for hard wearing shoes because his foot size hasn't changed in 2 years (and he has quite small feet for his height (6 foot and size 8!) so easy enough to source). Perhaps if you are growing faster you might prioritise economy over sturdiness......

Also I know in some schools they insists on full sole for younger dancers to strengthen the arch so this may be a consideration- but DS has naturally very high arches so split sole seem ok for him....

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DS has worn Sansha, Fuzi, Grishko Performance Model 6 and now SoDanca.

Sanshas never fit his foot right. There always seemed to be a lot of bunching his instep when he pointed. We knoe many boys who wear Sansha though.

For DS the Grishkos wore out pretty quick in the toe area, faded a bit and were a little thin. We had to special order them in black and wait. The line with the Grishko is beautiful though. My 3 DD wear the same shoe (in pink) with no problems.

The Fuzi were very nice and held up well, these are his "go to" shoes. They are regularly stocked at our local dance store so we are fortunate.

The SoDanca are stretch canvas and are nice so far. I don't know how hard they will be to find, we bought them at YAGP for classes because he misplaced his shoes.

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My son likes Bloch black split sole leather shoes, but our supplier and the Bloch web site no longer list them. Have these gone out of production?!? Are there any comparable shoes out there? He used to like Capezio, but it seems they now only carry the women's which is not as sturdy. Thank you!

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Unfortunately, Bloch seems to have only one shoe for men: SO277M in canvas only.


As far as I know, the following companies are still making Leather shoes:

Freed, Fuzi (Lam-Pro not out yet & Leather), Capezio Romeo, SoDanca (SD 10 & BA 22) and that's all I know about. Now, if you were to act quickly and order through your local dancewear store, you *might be able to get a leather Sahsha shoe but you'd probably have to order at least 5 pair, and you'd get them in August.

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Thanks, Clara! Seems there is not a huge demand on manufactures for black leather shoes....

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Yes, I agree. Now it's totally possible that there are leftover pairs at the factory that they will happily part with, so you may check with your local store to see if anyone has any remaining supplies still available.

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Expat123, my son also wore the Bloch leather. We are switching to Fuzi leather, very similar. Size comparison: street shoe 9, Bloch was 8.5, Fuzi is 40M. We haven't had any trouble so far with sizes/colors being unavailable.

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My son wears smaller boys' sizes (5 street shoe and 35 Fuzi size), and loves Fuzi canvas shoes. They are thin and have very little "bunching" under the ball of the foot, and his feet look amazing in a tendu! I ordered them online and they were very reasonably priced. To save money on shipping, I ordered a few pairs in incremental sizes because he is 12 and I know he will grow into them eventually. My DS likes Fuzis far better than the Sanchas he had before. The first two pairs of Fuzis lasted until he outgrew them or needed new for a performance (about 6 months?). This latest pair has a tear after four months, but he dances so much I think it's reasonable. At least they're not $80 pointe shoes that need replacing weekly.

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I thought that a ballet slipper was a pretty simple little thing and that one was pretty much just like the other. It amazes me how much there is to learn about ballet! I wondered why DS's pointed feet looked so much better bare than in his Sanshas; then I noticed that it was the shoe downplaying his already lackluster arch by having no elasticity and with its baggy, thick material. I ordered him Fuzis today after reading about them on these forums (thank you:) We'll see how those work for him.

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Wear moi makes a male shoe also. You are all so lucky with white or black shoes, my son's school shoe needs to be gray. I did see that Fuzi has gray. I might try ordering it to see how close in colour it is the the wear moi ones.

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I thought Sansha made a grey as well. Fuzi's is nice though.

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I thought Sansha made a grey as well. Fuzi's is nice though.

They did, I used to able to find them but lately I can't. Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong spot. Same with grey tights, lots of black and white, not much gre]

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