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DS loves his Fuzis! They make his narrow feet feet look So much better than the Sanshas and he says they feel great :)

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Looking for an update. Bloch has stopped making their white leather split sole shoe in men's sizes. The studio DS dances at requires leather. What's out there?

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I vote for Fuzi!!!! I don't trust Capezio as far as I can throw them.....

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like Capezio. The Airess looks interesting, but already hearing of defects, the platform going soft etc. The only pair of Capezio soft shoes ever worn ripped the 2nd day I had them. No thanks!

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We have been having struggles finding good shoes for my son too. He is 15 and growing. Our issue is we can't ever order anything that isn't back ordered from the actual supplier. It is awful! We just switched brands yet again. He is wearing a size too small right now just because they were the only ones available and our local shop didn't have any others that fit. (Not the stores fault - it is truly the supplier not making more shoes! We had a few pairs on back order for over 3 months and when a pair came in, they were PINK! Our home studio wears leather shoes. I think our last order is for Grishko. He seems to like them. They've been on back order for about a month now. She we shall see if we actually get what he needs!


I can't get over the fact the he is having issues! You'd think it would be easier for the guys! And I have a daughter that dances too and we have issues with pointe shoes on occasion.

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I really do recommend ordering right from Fuzi. I can order shoes on a Tuesday and have them in my hands by Thursday/Friday and that is just regular old postal service shipping.

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What is the sizing on Fuzi? My DS wears a 9.5 or 10 street shoes and a 15 or 16 in Grishko.....

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Do you mean a 15 or 16 in Sansha?


In Fuzi, he will probably like size 41 or 42. :)

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Nope. It's a Grishko pair this last time. (The Sansha's have been on back order since March.) Although, I don't see split sole leather for Fuzi.

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I don't *think* Fu makes a full-sole ballet slipper, but I can call him and find out. I've ordered leather ballet shoes for my company men from him before & they were split-sole. :shrug: I wasn't aware that Grishko did their sizing like that! I've always ordered European sizes from Grishko. I learn something new every day!!!! :)

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Could anyone comment regarding sizing SoDancas? I see on their website it states 1.5-2 sizes lower than street shoes. How true has anyone found that to be?

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Question about slipper heel slipping off while dancing.


DS wears Fuzi's. Up until this year, he primarily wore black shoes with black tights. But, this year, he is attending a dance program in another state that prefers black tights, white socks, and white shoes. In his black slippers, he doesn't have any problems with his slippers, but in his white ones that are the same size, the heel keeps slipping off. He seems to think that the culprit is the white socks, which are calf-high thin nylon (slippery?) socks.


Any suggestions from those in the know about this? If it is the socks, I can send him cotton socks that are less slippery. But, I suppose the elastics might not be tight enough? Any other reasons for this anomaly?

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