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I would definitely have him try tightening the drawstring. He can also do the trick the girls do for their pointe shoes and wet the back of his sock heel a little with plain water to keep it from slipping off. It just gives it a little more grip. Tricks of the trade!

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It may be that since the socks are thinner, he needs either a narrower width or shorter length.

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Thank you Clara. I'm pretty sure that the length isn't too long. His toes were curling in Fuzi 41's, so I bought Fuzi 42's for him. Do ballet slippers grow in width as well as length? In other words, would a Fuzi 42 be wider than a Fuzi 41, or does the number only reflect the length?


Regardless, I'll ask one of his teachers to check on the width for him. That's a good thought. Your advice is very much appreciated.

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Well, sometimes people who have wider feet need to go up in length to accommodate their width, especially in street shoes. It could make sense that a dancer might need to go up in length to accommodate their width, or they might be able to just order the same length but in a wider or narrower width to fix the issue. Fu does his shoes in Narrow, Medium, & Wide widths.

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My son loves Fuzi shoes! They are thinner canvas than most, conform to the shape of the foot well, and aren't as "bunchy" under the ball of the foot as other shoes. We order them directly from the website. The sizing is based on centimeter measurements, so we have not had a hard time finding the right shoe size. I think we had to send a pair back once, but I don't feel right complaining considering how much moms with girls spend on pointe shoes. They ship to the house in about a week from the Seattle area. The only downside is that they wear holes in the toes a bit faster because of the thinner fabric. However, at around $20 a pair it's not too bad.

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I am looking to order my son a pair of Fuzi ballet flats. He has been wearing Sansha since that is the only thing that our local dance supplier carries and he is complaining about how they fit. My son is a 12 W in sneakers. Can anyone help with sizing?

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He will likely be a 43 or 44 Wide in Fuzi canvas slippers.

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Thanks so much! The timing is perfect since he came out of ballet class today with a hole in his toe. This boy and shoes! :D

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Just found this thread- We are always on the hunt for shoes- Capezios, SoDancas and Grishkos wear out too fast. Sanshas have been the workhorse but don't show the feet well. Now reading here about Fuzis- can anyone help with sizing? My son wears 11N or M on Sanshas.

On a side note, we found these Hungarian shoes at the Chacott store in Tokyo called "KH Martin" Stretch-One- he absolutely loves them. Shows his feet well, nice sturdy material and with the exchange rate ended up being $20. Does anyone know where we could get more (without flying back to Tokyo :rolleyes:) ?

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Since this thread got bumped up I will add. My son (who is 12 and wears a men's street shoe size 9.5) has recently decided his favorite are the so danca stretch canvas shoes, and so far they seem to be holding up well. He also likes the grishko canvas shoes, they show his foot shape nicely. I generally expect to buy him new slippers every 3 months or so, and haven't really noticed that any particular shoe is wearing faster than the others. He wore sanshas for a few years too and I haven't seen a huge difference in durability. 

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Called the Fuzi store yesterday- they suggested 39N. Since there is some give with their shoes and if you don't have a wide foot, you can size up one with their narrow width or your standard size in the medium width. They were very helpful!

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Stumbled on the KH martins on Discount Dance and All About Dance! :)   They must have just added those to their site because they did not come up on a search when we returned from Tokyo in January. 

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Hi everyone,

DS (11) will need white leather ballet shoes for an intensive later this year.  He usually wears mdm canvas split sole shoes.  Are leather shoes available with split soles? What are the good brands these days? We live in Australia but I am happy to order online.  (Pre-sewn elastics would be great).

Any advice would be appreciated.

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The first thing I would do is ask the program if leather is really required. 

We got a dress code instruction sheet a few years ago that someone in the main office had written and posted before the teachers had a chance to look it over.  The boys' dress code was all messed up and rather funny.   There was a lot of apologizing after the mistake was discovered.  Too often, no one is really paying attention to the boys' dress code, and it always pays to ask directly before you buy anything.

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I would echo what MLN said. My DS has had several dress codes where it was stated that leather was required. And, he's never worn them and no one seemed to care. This was for summer and year-round programs. As long as the color is ok, they always seemed to be fine with canvas. 

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