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Shoes for boys


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Thanks Min and MumtoSamtheDancer, I will ask.  I would much prefer not to have to buy a different pair of shoes for a 1 week intensive!  The information I was sent said boys in level 1 and level 2 had to wear leather shoes.  The older boys in level 3 were allowed canvas shoes.  

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WearMoi makes beautiful white leather split sole shoes with pre-sewn elastics. Ordering them takes a while, and sizing can be a bit tricky. My son wears a 39...they run a bit small, as his normal shoe size is a 36. 

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More questions about shoes...

Someone recently commented that DS (11) shoes seemed a bit wide for his feet and that a more narrow shoe would create a better line etc.  As someone who is completely ignorant about these matters what should I be looking for in a shoe when he tries it on.  It now seems like I haven't been giving the look of the shoe enough consideration, as DS  has to attend various auditions this year perhaps I should start?

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Clara 76

Ballet shoes should fit like a dress sock- snug and fitted, with the toes laying flat and touching the end of the shoes entirely. the shoe should cling to his arch when he pointes his foot. Maybe try one of the new stretch-canvas shoes to see if he likes them? Some examples are:

Capezio Men's Hanami

Bloch Men's Performa Stretch Canvas

Angelo Luzio, So Danca, Eurotard, and Fuzi all have them as well.

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