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Someone posted this on another board. It was pretty fun to hear people's responses, but only women were responding, so I thought I'd try it here.


What do you all carry in your dance bag? Even though I've only been dancing a few months, mine is already brimming with stuff. I'm curious what guys carry versus the women onthe other board.



Extra tights, dance belt, socks.

Every pair of slippers I own.

Tech Manual and Dictionary so I can look up terms afetr class.

Journal so I can write down combinations.

Tape and pads for my foot injury.


Warmups and leg warmers.


Contact lens drops.

Tylenol (again, the foot).


I'm sure there's more, and it changes if I'm going to the gym later that day or swimming.

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Guest DancingDoc

OK...I'll take the step...


Today, my dancebag has the following:


t-shirts, 2 white

leg warmers

head-bands and a hairbrush

ballet slippers, 4 (2 pairs)

1 water-spray bottle (for the soles if the floor is slick)

a bunch of class cards

recital announcements, miscellaneous (some very old)

two elastic belts

one wide elastic abdominal supporter

a bag with miscellaneous pharmaceuticals, but NO controlled substances

fabric bandages

loose coin

green-backs in different envelopes

1 pack, Dunhill mentol cigarettes (no lighter, no matches)


I used to always have a stethescope, ace bandages, ice packs, and assorted "doctor" stuff in my old dancebag, but never used it and gave it up.


I guess nothing really exciting! DancingDoc

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Guest Andrew

Besides some dust from not dancing all winter..lol, I have 2 pairs ballet and one pair jazz shoes, an empty water bottle, a full water bottle, some bandaides and tape, change, a phone number book, and some extra socks. I always take my clothes out to wash them otherwise they get NASTY, ew.


DancingDoc, what's up with the cigs? Shame shame (yeah I know, no lighter, no matches but... ) don't you know, cigs can kill ya! :eek:

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