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Upside / Downside of Repeating Same SI Each Year v. Different One


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firedragon - that's interesting about your view on your 17-year-old. I can see where that might add stress. We're on the opposite side of the same boat - DD will be an older 18 when she graduates (almost 19) because our kindergarten cutoff is early summer. She will be at the top level of her home program for an extra year. I've wondered if she would be at a disadvantage because of her age. We're now looking at SIs where she can repeat summers, eventually studying year-round and taking online classes, and possibly graduating early. Or at least be accepted to some sort of apprentice/trainee/second company situation.

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MamatoMary - dd is still only 14, but I was looking ahead, and it suddenly dawned on me that we didn't really have much time to relax and enjoy this sweet spot where we are now, where there is little uncertainty, I.e. Training progress, Happy with year round, SI, Highschool, and much joy abounds everywhere:)


After this Summer, we have a lot of decisions that will come flying at us, although the two things that we don't have to muck around with are high school and ballet training during the year... As long as she stays where she is for training. However, after pouring through the next level of grad and post grad threads apprentice/training/second company situation the last few days I am really glad I'm thinking about this now;)

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