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École Supérieure De Ballet Du Québec

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Hi All

I am new to these boards but so glad I found them!
My daughter is going to the SI at ecole de ballet superieure in Montreal this summer. My question is if she is accepted to the pre-professional program, is it a good choice to let her go? My daughter is fluent in french but I am not and I am finding it hard to find a lot of info on the school. Is this a program that will give her a solid base if she wants to do this as a career? I am also concerned about the cost and wondering how likely it is that she could get a scholarship? Any specifics on the program would be very appreciated!
Thank you!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers Donorsgirl!


Since we did not have a thread on this school, there is no previous information here. However, that does not mean that we don't have any members who have attended and have first hand knowledge about it. Hopefully, someone will be able to post a bit more information. I looked at the website (and fixed your title for you :) ), and it certainly looks like a very professional school. I do know Ms. Bissonette, and she does speak English. She is also a very lovely woman and was one of the most beautiful dancers of her generation! :)

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Hi donorsgirl,


I think it's been a few years since a member has posted about this school. One of my older daughter's friends attended there for a post-highschool year, but that was more than 5 years ago so I'm not sure anything I might know from that time would be relevant now.


The school is quite well regarded, but I think dancers whose first language is English tend to look at other places first - however if your daughter is fluent in french already that should not be an issue!


I don't know how scholarships work at this school - best bet would be to ask the school directly.

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Hello Donorsgirl,


ESBQ is a good school, with excellent teachers. You should go to their end of year shows to have an idea of the quality of the teaching. As for the cost, it is one of the cheapest in Canada! My dd is going back this summer for the 3rd time! How old is your daughter?

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Does anyone have any recent information about this school? We are very interested but cannot seem to find people who have attend thier program.

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