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A, B, C Plans and Changing Course


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Wow, big decision! Very interesting ideals I wouldn't have considered about dd's training, but make sense, i.e. expressing gratitude and being humble.

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This is so beautifully written.....and so much insight for all dancers, whether they choose to continue the profession or leave the profession. This young lady has learned much about not only herself, but about life in general!

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What an insightful young woman! She not only embodies those characteristics we all see in our own dancing children, but also an incredible perspective and maturity to be able to not only make the decision she did, but to clearly articulate why in a way that is very inspiring to others who may also have arrived at that same crossroads.

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Wonderful article! Some wonderful things to learn.

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Absolutely wonderful!!!!!! Should be required reading for all advanced dancers and their parents.

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I also just saw this posted on fb by a lovely ballet teacher my dd had who has decided to leave professional ballet. It's a great article.

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Thank you for posting this article. Such mature insight at such a young age.

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Such a heart-wrenching piece. I am sure the dancer can have a career in writing if she chooses. She is so thoughtful and her prose is graceful. I too will be sharing this with my DD. We just had a discussion the other day that even if she never achieves a professional career, she is already and will always be a dancer.

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Bravo young lady.. it takes great courage and strength of character know when it is time to leave the performance stage. A dancer you shall always be.. it is what has shaped your soul :clapping:

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