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The Veil of Anonymity & Your responsibility here


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Written by dancemaven years ago and posted as a reminder to you now!


Posting on BT4D is one of those instances where it will behoove all of us to remember the 'social fiction' of the anonymity here on BT4D. We all have usernames and with rare exception those usernames are not readily linked to our real life names---and many of us have a reason for that.

Most folks here strive to maintain some disconnect with the 'real world' identity so that they can ask their more sensitive questions without worrying about being 'outed' or causing others to be either uncomfortable or defensive.

However, for those of us who are active for any real length of time on this Board, no matter how circumspect or careful we are, we inevitably leave footprints, bread crumbs, and clues as to our locations and/or associations. Some of us are more adept at putting together the pieces of these little puzzles and sometimes the whole picture just falls into our laps.

So, the question becomes how do we each individually handle this slip of the veil? I would suggest that we politely continue the fiction of anonymity and don't refer to the inadvertant exposure, don't comment or call attention to the 'clues' that swirled into view, and let those 'clues' swirl back underwater without catching them and laying them out for all to see.

It is something like politely looking the other way when something embarassing momentarily peaks out from the bottom of our skirt, our sleeve, or our person--like spinach in the teeth-- when there is simply no way our friend can discreetly remove it at the time we notice it.

The use of our self-chosen usernames is intended to provide a modicum of anonymity for our members. It is up to each and every one of us to zealously guard the trust and confidence that we offer each other here.

Once members have logged 30 posts and been here for a minimum of two weeks, they receive "PM" (personal messenger) privileges. What a member choses to share via PMs in terms of their personal e-mail address, more 'concrete' information relating to their real world identities, or even their home location is up to them.

But for purposes of the 'public' forum, i.e. postings on the Board, please respect each other's 'social fiction' of anonymity. Don't say anything more personal about someone's identity or DK connection than that person has chosen to reveal in the thread at hand.

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