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"Thunder Thighs" and how to quiet said thunder


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Ok, so recently I started working more on trying to lift my legs from underneath because I am beginning to get overdeveloped quadriceps. Is there any other way to stop or reverse this overdevelopment without sacrificing strength or dance? Also, what are some good things to think about that might help with lifting my legs from underneath?

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Odette, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!


There is lots of information on this site about this particular issue; I typed "lift underneath" in the search bar and came up with 89 threads on the subject. A lot of these threads are in Adult Ballet Students & Young Dancers 13 - 16, but regardless of where the information is placed, it is still accurate. Note: lifting the legs from underneath is more conceptual than physical - so reading through these threads can help you to understand this concept. If there is still confusion, you can come back here with a more specific question.


And since you are new here, we'd love for you to stop by the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself. This can include how old you are, how many years you've been dancing, and what your ballet goals are.


Lastly, it is worth reading all pinned topics at the top of each forum. These threads get pinned there because they answer questions that are regularly asked. On top of all this reading, there is also a "Rules and Policies" link on the bottom right of every page. If you ever have a question on what goes where, when, how, or why, then you check there.


Happy reading!!

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