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Mirella Tights question


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We need to buy Mirella tights for an SI and are not sure how they fit for very thin boys. I have one who is 5'6" and growing rapidly and one who is 6'2". I see a size chart by height but XL seems doubtful for my 6'2". Anyone have experience with Mirella M607?

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Got the Mirella tights. The large does fit my 6'2", but he hates them. The toes are weird. The seam goes as though they are elf shoes. Any ideas?

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M Stevens Milliksins are the way to go. Honestly. My bean pole 6"2 son loves them, the feet, everything. They are great on stage and last fore ever. He wears size medium but is about to go to a large. He hated Mirella too because the legs are too shaped and didnt fit him nicely. We get them from Boys Dance Too. The feet are shaped with more of a sole- not those elfy things.

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Yes, we are only getting the Mirella because they are required for an intensive. I asked Tutu.com if they M Stevens were close in color (they have to be gray) and they are not. My guys wear M Stevens as well normally. I don't want to buy several pairs if they'll never wear them again. I only bought them one each at this point. I'm thinking maybe I can make them convertible. Not sure if I should cut them on the seam or in the fabric.

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My son likes his tights to be convertible. I usually cut the fabric lengthwise down the foot starting about 2 inches front the end of the toe area since he has such big feet. None of the tight brands he has worn (sansha's currently, capezio and bodywear previously) have had seams on the bottom of the feet that I can recall. I sewed around the slit with rubbery "thread" when I first started cutting them, but the sansha's don't run or tear any further than where I stop the cut so I don't bother any more. .

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I just looked up the fiber content of Mirella Men's Tights.... you should be safe to cut the material and they will not run.


Way back in ancient times (when I was training) we had a little trick if the tights were too long, the foot didn't fit well, or the seam fell in a weird place. We'd pull the toe of the tight 2" - 3" off our foot (forward), then we'd fold that extra fabric either up, or down into the shoe. I tended to fold the fabric up, since I don't like things under my feet, but I had peers that folded it under. Your son(s) might want to try this if the seam at the toe feels funny.


Something that I've seen girls on pointe do: cut a couple holes in the toes of their tights - 1 hole for their big toe & 1 hole for the other 4. The tights end up having a piece of fabric between the toes making them slightly convertible.

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Thanks for checking on the fabric!

He doesn't like the convertible tights I've bought him so I'm hoping that custom cutting them in a good place will not bug the bottom of his foot.

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The boys wore the tights to class to see how the seams held up. My super super skinny 13 year old the ankle seam of all things split the first time wearing them! And the tights actually seem a little baggy on him so it certainly wasn't that they were being stretched too far! I'm afraid they'll get to SI and they'll split somewhere else. I can hand sew but not a whole pair of tights.


I experimented with making an older pair of tights that didn't have much life left in them into convertibles. It worked out really well. I think I've got my nerve up to do the new ones! :thumbsup:

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Moxie - My DS is attending the same summer intensive this coming summer (2015). He also loves M Stevens tights. I can already imagine the whining about the elf feet.


I was wondering if you could provide an update on how the Mirella tights worked out after weeks of use at the summer intensive. Any words of wisdom or helpful tips?

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I don't think they do, dancingboys :shrug: Mirella is now owned by Bloch though.

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