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Men and SI's (Moms Chime in!!)


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MY DS really wants to attend the ailey program. But he is worried the program may be too competitive to get accepted into. He is a great dancer and we are just wondering if anyone had any experiences they could share

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Swanksbutler, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! We are glad you have found us and look forward to you joining in our various discussions.


We do have need, however, to straighten out whether you are the young dancer or the parent? You have posted basically the same request in both the Parents Forum and the Mens Forum, both of which are restricted Forums for specific demographics. Your profile states you are a 'dancer', yet this post indicates you are the parent of a male dancer. We do need to know which one you are so as to make it easier for you to post in the appropriate Forums.


Please do change your profile to reflect your status as a parent, if that is appropriate. If you are the dancer, please let us know and we will move your post to the appropriate Forum.


If a parent and son are sharing this account, we would ask that you each create your own separate accounts as our policies do not permit the sharing of accounts. We do need to know with whom we are talking. :thumbsup:


Also, questions regarding specific SIs are best asked on the dedicated threads in the Summer Intensive Forum. Here is the link for the appropriate Alvin Ailey thread: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=57596

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