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Online Videos: Big Ballet

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Haven't posted in this forum before, so apologies if I have got anything wrong!


This is a programme made and broadcast in the UK, and due to be shown on the Ovation art and culture network in the US on the 28th May.


I won't say much more about it, I know there are, and will be many different opinions about it, but one of the main purposes of it was to provoke discussion.


In England, every child is given a football to kick around at some point. Maybe one in a million will become premiership footballers, but we don't tell the rest to give up, even if they enjoy it, because they won't be a professional. Does the same apply to dance, particularly ballet?


I hope this is something which can be calmly talked about here - I know much of the focus of the forums is on those aiming for professional careers, but this is very much about us 'recreational' dancers, and about dancing because you love it. I have no wish to cause offence or upset, so apologies if I've said anything wrong!

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It was already on youtube.


My take for it? I like the original promise but quite disappointed with the casting process, when Sleep actually choose dancer based on their size instead of their ballet dream (it was written that Sleep mentioned "not big enough!" for size 10-12 women).

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