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Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

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My daughter has been offered a place at Rambert School and I would be interested to hear about how the school is perceived in the wider community! It has a good reputation locally but I am not sure if it would be recognised internationally when it comes to looking for a contract! Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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I just did a quick Google search, as I've never heard of this school here in the US.


There is an Alumni page on the website that lists the companies the students of the school have gotten into. They also claim to have 90% of their students being placed into the professional field - while I feel that that might be a little high (they try to wiggle around their definition of "professional opportunities") they are still placing some students into decent companies.


It looks like a really good school to me.

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I have seen the website and it does not make it clear when the contracts were or how frequent such placements are but this is something I can ask. At this stage, I am just keen to know what sort of international reputation the school has!

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At least in Europe the school has a pretty good reputation; most of the dancers who get jobs tend to go for more contemporary companies, as the curriculum has a strong contemporary basis. (I believe classical and contemp. are given pretty much equal time, meaning the dancers who do well are very versatile)


I know quite a few (professional) dancers who went through the school.

It appears that - at least in most of Europe - that name will at least mean the directors will look at your photos and maybe invite you to an audition. It of course does not guarantee a contract. :)



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Excellent reputation internationally (although the US may be slow on the uptake!) -- I know of several dancers with jobs in various bits of Europe who trained there. They also have their own company and a student company. Wonderful tradition from Marie Rambert, which also moves into contemporary dance.


To be honest, I'm a bit surprised at the question -- it had never occurred to me to wonder about the status of the Rambert. It's the Rambert! But I see a lot of dance -- contemporary & classical -- and I think that in this day & age, such versatility is necessary.

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Thank you for the replies - this is just what I was hoping to hear! I know that the school and company are well respected in the UK but was unsure of their international remit. As I know that my daughter is quite likely to have to look for work abroad eventually this is just as important!

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